About us

Groupe Weyi International is a mining company that is focused on quality and safety. Operating out of both the United States and the Democratic Republic of Congo has given Groupe Weyi the advantage of understanding the two continents and has given us the ability to ensure that the villages who supply us – and the clients who receive us – are served with efficiency and integrity.

Whether it is nickel, copper, cassiterite, gold, diamonds, or coltan – villages and clients can depend on Groupe Weyi International to deliver merchandise following fair trade and OECD guidelines. Groupe Weyi is redefining the concept of a corporation; we compensate villagers at least 100x (and often much more) what they would see from companies or groups simply out to exploit them, and we do so in a trusting, safe, and dignified manner. We are a corporation for social change.

If you’re interested in doing business with Groupe Weyi International, feel free to contact us here.

Groupe Weyi is committed to providing an alternative export option for local artisanal tribes. Our company only supports minerals from 100% conflict-free zones.

Groupe Weyi is in compliance with the Due Diligence Guidance of the OECD. All minerals can be traced to conflict-free zones.

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