Corporate Officers

Mr. Emmanuel N. Weyi is the President of Groupe Weyi International. He has over 20 years of experience in both the mining industry and in the import and export business and an outstanding business and marketing background. Before becoming the president of Groupe Weyi, Mr. Weyi was president of 2 different companies.  
Emmanuel N. Weyi
President / CEO
Before becoming Vice-president, Mr. Charles Blakeman was the founder of the Crankset Group. He is a professional trainer, coach, and author of the New York Bestseller, Making Money is Killing Your Business. With more than 20 years of experience in business Charles Blakeman is an invaluable asset to the company.  
Charles F. Blakeman
Mr. Brenton Z. Weyi has over five years of experience in the legal sector and over ten years of experience as an ambassador for multiple non-profits – including the American Red Cross. He is an author, philosopher, and an avid champion of social change through empowerment.  
Brenton Z. Weyi
Executive Director of
Social Enterprise and PR
Mr. Brian A. Trubowitz is a businessman and social entrepreneur. He has a degree in economics with management, has two years of experience starting two small businesses, and has worked as an overseer for Americorps. He has always maintained a commitment to integrity and upholding corporate responsibilities to mutually benefit the communities in which they operate.  
Brian A. Trubowitz
Executive Director of

Groupe Weyi is in compliance with the Due Diligence Guidance of the OECD. All minerals can be traced to conflict-free zones.

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