Environment & Sustainability

Groupe Weyi has an obligation as a responsible corporate citizen to give back to the community in which we operate, and we are committed to respecting the environment and partnering with local communities to create positive change.

We will create new systems like public transportation – our company will purchase buses that will be managed and operated by Congolese employees in the capital of Kinshasa, which will allow people to get around an extremely hot and geographically expansive city. We will also collect hundreds of thousands of clothing items that will be shipped to the DRC.  Clothes are not only a way to put garments on people’s backs but food in their bellies. A portion of the items collected will go to those in need, while the rest will be used to equip families to sell the garments and once again earn money for basic amenities. Groupe Weyi will also work to establish quality educational facilities, sustainable sanitation, and small medical clinics to respond to the needs of desperate communities and increase employment all over the DRC. These systems will perpetuate a cycle of economic exchange and opportunity for the Congolese people.

Groupe Weyi will provide any villages that we collaborate with all of the necessary equipment, safety gear, and benefits to be effective and dignified in their work.




Groupe Weyi is in compliance with the Due Diligence Guidance of the OECD. All minerals can be traced to conflict-free zones.

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