Groupe Weyi International strives to ensure that all minerals have been obtained in a transparent manner, and are always done using recognized certification procedures such as the Kimberly Process in the case of diamonds. We only use conflict-free zone minerals and are proud to be in total compliance with the Due Diligence Guidance of the OECD.

We are involved in the trade of :

Diamonds Rough (uncut) Diamonds from various villages and mines in DRC. Our company complies with the process of the Kimberly Certification.
Gold 99.99% pure gold nuggets, dust, and lingo that come from various mining operations and private collections in DRC.
Copper High quality copper originating from Katanga, DRC.
Tantalum- (Coltan) High quality conflict-free zone Coltan (a heat-resistant powder that can hold a high electrical charge and is refined from Tantalum – a metal with a dull metallic appearance).
Nickel High quality nickel from various land reserves in DRC.
Cassiterite High quality Tin and Cassiterite (Tin ore - Heavy, metallic, hard tin dioxide; the greatest source of tin today) from Kasai, DRC.

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Groupe Weyi is in compliance with the Due Diligence Guidance of the OECD. All minerals can be traced to conflict-free zones.

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