Social Enterprise

Groupe Weyi is a for-profit company created to use profits for social good.

Groupe Weyi composed of a family and business associates that started off with a lofty vision: to bring economic prosperity to cities and villages in the Democratic Republic of Congo by empowering Congolese partake in their own economy and receive the benefits from their thankless hard work while providing our clients with quality goods. We are a company that understands that true change can only come from within. Since our inception, we have worked tirelessly to connect families and villages who work hard to collect valuable minerals on their land to the international market. We have also set forth plans that will jumpstart significant social and economic infrastructural benefits as well.

Focus on local artisanal tribes Groupe Weyi works exclusively with local tribes and chiefs to provide a legitimate and well-documented path for the exportation of all minerals, ensuring that none of its profits will be used to support conflict groups. Groupe Weyi is signing 10-20 year contracts with local chiefs across the Congo who are ecstatic to have long-term, stable employment and the prospect of schools, clinics, higher wages, and training for local business owners not involved in the mining industry.
We will work with local tribes to build highly diverse local economies that extend well beyond mining. We also help to finance the creation of attractive alternatives to mining in order alleviate the unacceptable conditions present in the mining industry in central Africa.
With the cooperation we have received from local tribes, we want this pledge to serve as motivation to others and to be an opportunity to better their lives not only for themselves, but for their families as well.



Groupe Weyi is in compliance with the Due Diligence Guidance of the OECD. All minerals can be traced to conflict-free zones.

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